NEMO - "Next Generation Enterprise Modelling" Summer School


NEMO 2018 Call for participation: Visit NEMO Website

In today's enterprises, modelling methods are widely used on every level and they are mostly supported by modelling tools. These tools ease the design of machine-processable models and provide facility services, e.g. for accessing, exchanging and persistenly storing meta-models and models, for applying algorithms and querying model contents. Additionally they enhance the value of models as an organisational knowledge platforms.


Why attend the NEMO Summer School?

If you are interested to broaden your knowledge on the topic of modelling methods engineering, we offer you a two week program, where the essence is for you to establish connections with experts in this field.


Lecture core points

During the NEMO Summer School the lectures will be divided on 4 focus points:

  • Foundations of Conceptual Modelling, i.e. formal methods and tools for modelling method creation, transformation and application.
  • Technologies for Conceptual Modelling, i.e. model execution technologies, meta-modelling platforms, modelling compilers, adaption to diverse devices and multi-client applications.
  • Application Domains, i.e. Enterprise Information Systems, e-Government, Health Care and Ambient Assisted Living.
  • Cross-cutting Issues, i.e. information security, privacy, risk management and governance, and quality assurance of models and methods.


Teaching format: lectures & working-groups

Attending lectures from professors and specialists from all over the world, and then applying the theory by working on practical assignments, you will definitely be able to expand your knowledge regarding the modelling methods. The lecturers will present you modelling methods, tools and most important their experience and insight in this field.

Join the the NEMO Summer School program in order to discuss and expand on concepts for the "Next-Generation Enterprise Modelling".

Partner universities of the NEMO Summer School are:


University of Vienna, Austria
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria
Ecole des Minnes de St. Etienne, France
University of Piraeus, Greece
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
KU Leuven, Belgium
Politecnica di Milano, Italy
University of Skövde, Sweden