NEMO Summer School 2018


The summer school offers a two week programm combining lectures and practical work in groups based on four topical pillars. The underlying topic is engineering of modelling toolkits.

NEMO 2018 Call for participation: Visit NEMO Website

Project Overview


The "Open Models Initiative" project aims to provide you with a modern approach in the modelling tool engineering education by providing you with open educational resources via virtual laboratories.

If you are looking for a dedicated research and experimentation space for modelling method engineering, then the Open-Models Laboratory is the place for you. Being both a physical and virtual place, OMiLAB can be accessed worldwide. Here you will find the necessary tools to explore method creation and design, to experiment with method engineering and to deploy software tools for modelling.

If you value models and modelling methods and you desire a place to develop and test scientific modelling methods, than OMiLAB will act as your facilitator.

Do not hesitate and access the OMiLAB platform, if you have an idea of a new modelling language. This represents one of the OMI-Project focuses, namely a modern interdisciplinary approach of learning.

The OMI-Projects means modernizing the modelling engineering education and innovating concepts for virtual laboratories, such as the Omi Laboratory.

Training Resources

Materials, training tools and video-tutorials are available and of great help for your progress in the area of modeling languages and methods from model editors to fully-fledged modelling tools. Access these open educational resources, in order to develop your knowledge and to practice different modelling methods and languages.


NEMO Summer School

The NEMO Summer Schools series focuses on the interaction between students and experts with different backgrounds in order to elaborate concepts for "Next-Generation Enterprise Modelling". This two week program adresses to Master and PhD students, who are eager to expand their knowledge in the domain of "modelling".


Publications & Downloads

Here you will find the latest press releases, regarding the NEMO Summer School series and the OMiLAB laboratory.